When Two Become One: Home Edition

Hello there! It’s been a while, right? Life can be hectic sometimes but we hope you guys had a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday with friends and family!

 When Harvey and I first met, we lived in two separate states. Albeit only 2 hours away but still separate. Fortunately for us, he was blessed to get a job here in Washington, DC not too long after and we were able to start our normal (aka seeing each other every day) relationship. We lived in two separate places and had two sets of everything but found that he was spending more time at my place…because I had the bigger tv. After we got engaged, it was decided that we would officially move into together. Now, on to the hard part…condensing two large apartments into one.

 Being the home decor and book lover that I am, I have way more stuff. I’m also an Apartment Therapy, Craigslist and Houzz stalker so I’m always picking up little things here and there that I “plan” to create some awesome DIY with. I’d also like to think that I’m an aspiring bakery owner so I have a lot of kitchen items and utensils. Moving all my stuff into his apartment was a task just because there so much of everything: little knick knacks, books, papers, clothes, shoes.  I didn’t realize that I had accumulated so much until I had to move it. Here’s a breakdown of our spaces:

 My Apartment:

 652 square feet
1 bed and 1 bath
+ Walk in closet
+ Coat Closet
+ Kitchen with a peninsula
+ Balcony (even though I never really used it)
+ Full sized washer and dryer
+/- Dishwasher (but it malfunctioned every month)
– All Carpet except the kitchen and bathroom

 Layout G1  G2  IMG_0781

Harvey’s Apartment:

 577 square feet
1 bed and 1 bath
+ Linen closet
+ Coat closet
+Defined dining room
+ Hardwood floors throughout with the exception of kitchen and bathroom
– Small kitchen
– Small bedroom closet
– Small bathroom
– No washer and dryer

 Layout2FC kitchen   FLC

Even though it wasn’t a drastic downsizing, 75 square feet is still significant. Especially when you lose a large amount of storage and cabinet space. We packed up items a little every day and it took about a week for everything to be moved and unpacked but now we’re all settled. And I must admit, this feels like home. His apartment is more cozy and friendly. Even though we both can’t be in the bathroom at the same time and find it hard to move around the kitchen together, it’s definitely an upgrade. I don’t know how to explain it but it just feels more inviting.

 Because of this cozy feeling, I’m feeling much more inclined to add some personal touches to make it seem more at home. Stay tuned to see how we do a little upgrading.


Main Image Credit: Bendependent.com via Google Search


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