Little Wooden Storage Bench

What a find! This cute little bench was listed in the “free stuff” section of Craigslist and I wanted it. Luckily for me, I was the first person to e-mail the woman and claim it.

She actually lived 20 minutes outside of Washington, DC in the opposite direction of our house, so convincing Harvey to ‘pleeeeaasse let’s go get it’, was tough. But he could see my excitement and eventually gave in (yes!). My vision is to use it as a seating/storage unit by the front door. This will come handy when we need to put on/take off boots/shoes. This is actually our first piece of furniture that we’ve acquired together in our new apartment.

This bench is made from wood (MDF maybe?) with two storage drawers. The top looks sturdy but is actually just weak thin layer. It looked like someone sat down too hard and fast and broke it. 😦

I decided to replace the top portion but the hinges for the “arms” were connected. For my very first DIY, this was too much. I didn’t want to drill new holes etc. So, I went to Home Depot on a slow weekday after measuring the top and picked out a sturdy slab of wood. The guy was really nice and gave it to me for free! I also picked up some Gorilla Wood Glue just in case. The wood from Home Depot, was a little bit wider than the measurements I gave but such is life. I made sure that part is hanging off the back. I plan on eventually painting this whole thing white and adding some lively, colorful fabric. Stay tuned….

bench      bench3

We’re back!!!

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

The bottom isn’t pretty but who’s going to see it? And yes, I assembled this on my computer desk. The dining room table was occupied. lol The fabric is Ankara print from Ghana, West Africa. I have a ton of different fabric ranging from 1/2 yard to 6 yards. Maybe I’ll show you guys my stock one day.

The painting will have to hold off since it’s COLD outside. lol We will save that task until later. Baby steps…

Wood- Free
Fabric- Already had
Bench- Free
Batting- $5.75

Not too shabby! See the entire reveal of the space here: Our New Entryway



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