Series: AT’s January Cure: Assignments 11-14

Hip Hip Hooray!! We are officially half way through the Cure. Time flies doesn’t it?! Take a look around and admire all that you’ve accomplished. I even give you permission to brag a little. 😉 If you’ve fallen a little behind, don’t worry. Hang in there and catch up when you can.

 Assignment 11: Put some time and effort into your goal project

 AT says, “Spend some time on your goal project that you selected last week and move it forward, or even complete it, if possible. Let us know what project you chose, what you’ve been doing and where you are at in the process in the comments. If you need help or have questions, be sure to ask below for feedback – you are part of a very smart, super supportive group!

 If you’ve already completed your project, you can use today to take an “after” photo and send it to us if you’d like (with “January Cure” in the subject line, along with your “before” pic, please) and/or catch up on anything you’ve missed or fell behind on. If all of that is done, enjoy the well-earned day off.”

 I’ve decided I’m done for now. Ultimately, I want to paint the bench white and create a cushion for it but that’ll have to wait until later. As it stands now, I’m still pleased because it’s functional. And NO this is not because I’m a procrastinator! lol It’s cold outside and I don’t want to sand and paint in the snow. You can see the start of the project here: Little Wooden Bench

 What about you? Are you done? If not, how much more do you have to go?

Assignment 12: Bring home your weekly flowers, clean your bedroom, organize your clothes closet and dresser

 Yay, more flowers! It’s like a fake spring at our house. It’s warm, kinda sunny and the flowers make everything better…until we look/have to go outside. Boo 😦

 This weekend’s assignment is to deep clean the bedroom. If you’re like us and most people, when this room starts to get a little out of hand, the door gets closed. Most visitors won’t go in here anyway. However, keeping a clean bedroom is a good habit to adopt. You never know when parents or siblings will visit and they usually don’t adhere to the ‘no bedroom access’ rule.

 Our bedroom now is hardwood as opposed to my all carpeted one. They each have their pros and cons but at a time like this, I’d rather vacuum and get it over with. Good news: The room isn’t huge so it didn’t take too long to clean, dust and wipe surfaces. Bad news: organizing the closet. {insert scary music here}

 Did I tell you that we don’t really have a closet. I mean there’s something that looks like a closet but that imposter is sad and pitiful. It doesn’t help that we both have a lot of clothes. Right now, the clothes we wear to work are hanging up and everything else is still in suitcases/boxes. I know…I know. We will have to figure out what to do because it’s a little ridiculous. Even with my old place, it was a semi-walk in closet that could fit 90% of our stuff. This new one is a nightmare. I think our Cure assignment will be to figure out how to organize our clothes and then do it at a later date. We will definitely keep you updated. In the meantime, for the clothes that are visible, I’ve purchased some space-saving hangers, separated his and hers, and arranged them by sleeve length.

Assignment 13: Getting Your Paperwork & Files Organized

 Ha! Another confession…I’m a paper hoarder (sort of)! I still have papers that I wrote in undergrad in my files. Not all of them but some. Especially the ones that I thought were brilliantly genius. Okay, so maybe all of them…ha! But seriously, I have a problem. Since I came to DC, I’ve moved 4 times including the move in here. Every time, I’ve gotten rid of clothes and excess paper but I still end up with a lot. It’s a various assortment of undergrad work, graduate school papers, recipes, appliance instruction manuals, and now wedding info. I’m glad AT was realistic and didn’t try to make us do this in one day/weekend. We will start by attacking one pile/box at a time. I have some old accordion files that we will use for storage. We should be completely done with this over the next week or two.

 Here are some of AT’s suggestions on what to keep or trash:

Personal Letters
Tax Returns – Permanently
Credit Card Statements – 7 years
Mortgage Statements – 7 years
Bank Statements – 7 years
Investment Statements – 7 years (keep initial statement for life of investment)
Deductible Business Receipts – 7 years
Deductible Business Bills – 7 years
Insurance polices – 3 years of renewals
Warranties, User Guides – Life of product 

Personal or Holiday Cards
Utility Bills (unless deductible)
Rent Receipts (unless deductible)
Nondeductible receipts or bills 

 Oh, AT…not much of the sentimental type are you? Toss personal and holiday cards? I know some of you like to keep these because they hold a certain value. So, I’ve scoured the internet and found some cute and practical storage ideas for your Grandmother’s card from your 2nd birthday. Enjoy them on our Pinterest here: Sentimental Storage

Assignment 14: Clean up the cord clutter

 The first thing that comes to my mind is the TV. Oh my goodness there are so many cords behind our TV. Harvey has an X-Box and a Playstation 4; I have a Wii, there’s the cable box, dvd player, and subwoofer speakers. If you wrap the cords up they will eventually become damaged. I’m not sure that AT’s tips will work either. We will keep working on this and I’ll have an update for you later.

What are you struggling with if any? Do you have an after picture of your goal project? Share with us!


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