Whew! AT’s January Cure

Hi! I just wanted to pop in here and ask a question…has anyone fallen off track for the Cure yet??

Don’t get me wrong cleaning and reorganizing is great but sometimes I don’t want to do anything on the weekend. I’d rather be on the couch with Harvey doing a Netflix marathon of Scandal or Orange is the New Black. Plus, the procrastinator in me is screaming to put these assignments off until next weekend. (Must…keep…going)

 If you have been completing all the assignments on time and in order….***insert hand clapping here*** You should be very proud! For those of you who are struggling like me, just take it one step at a time. If you are walking through your house, pick up something, rearrange something else but just don’t give up. This will be all over soon and you’ll have a beautiful house to be thankful for.

 OKay, I’m done semi-venting. Just wanted to get that off my chest just in case some of you think I’m some stepford wife in the making. That’s just so not the case. Ask Harvey…he’ll tell you lol

 Anyway, happy cleaning!

 **About the picture: She looks how I feel. lol **


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