Series: AT’s January Cure: Assignments 15-18

We’re on the backside of the Cure folks! By now you should be seeing some significant changes in the design, style, and organization of your home. Not too shabby, right? Well, we still have a ways to go and it can only  get better from here. If you’ve had a mini break down like I did the other day…no worries! You’re allowed lol If you’ve fallen behind or completely off, don’t worry about that either. Just start over or pick up where you left off. For this week, we will be tackling the following:

Assignment 15: Clean and declutter your bathroom & medicine cabinets
Sigh…yes, the bathroom is smaller. Does that mean I like cleaning it more? Nope! lol Good thing it’s Harvey’s chore 😉

Here’s a cleanout process: First, take everything out of the cabinet and keep like things together, sorting by type of item as you go. Use a good all purpose cleaner to wipe down the interior and shelves. Also clean any organizing caddies, containers or boxes.
Dispose of everything that:
• You haven’t used in 12 months
• Is past the expiration date
• Is empty or nearly empty
• You don’t need any longer

Side note: This method can actually be used for any type of purging or organization that you’re planning such as the closet, shoes, etc.  Because we’ve recently moved in together. there’s not too much to declutter BUT I do have to go through my hair products. Another confession…my hair is natural and being so has led me to become a product junkie. Sigh…yes, I am admitting it. However, I’m getting better. It’s not so much a plethora of random hair products now but really just a focus on my favorite. (This isn’t a post about hair so we won’t get into that) Like AT instructs, I have put these like items together. This project also gave me an excuse to buy this storage bin from Amazon:


Design Ideas Cabinet Baskets Mesh Silver $30

I probably could have gotten this cheaper at Walmart or DIY’ed it myself but I like how it slides out. Plus, it keeps everything under the sink nice and orderly. We now have a clean and organized bathroom cabinet. As for the medicine cabinet, Harvey and I  spilt up sides and it’s small and shallow enough that nothing really gets out of order.

Assignment 16: Declutter your book, magazine, movie & music collections

 Go through your physical books, movies, music, games and magazines and weed out 10 items that you no longer want or need as part of your collection. For some of you who regularly pass things on, 10 may be a big amount, for others, a small drop in the bucket. If your collection is large, you can always do more a little at a time, throughout the year ahead. For today, let’s all just make that all-important START toward embracing the process of regularly letting things go once you’ve enjoyed them.
Ummmm, no. No. You heard me right lol The only magazines I have right now are Brides and Essence. Brides because we’re getting married (duh) and Essence because I need beauty/health tips for the wedding plus I like the articles lol. There’s nothing in our movie or music collections that we need to get rid of. Seriously look:
These are our cuddle on the couch, eating bad carbs, movie night movies. So, no. Next… 😉 (We have 3 cubbies that are two rows deep so this is just a snippet)

Okay, Okay, I’m back. I’m really not trying to be unreasonable, so how about this? I will do a separate post about decluttering the magazines AFTER the wedding. After then, I won’t need them anymore. Deal? Deal.

Update: No separate post but here’s the proof, I got rid of the magazines. Happy? lol
Assignment 17: Bring home some Friday flowers, empty your outbox, clean your living room and take a look at your lighting
• Pick up and put away all loose belongings • Declutter surfaces • Use those attachments and give your upholstered pieces a good vacuuming • Wipe down and clean all wooden or other non-upholstered furniture • Clean the baseboards • Thoroughly dust all surfaces – move things, dust, return items • Wipe down light switches, lamps and ceiling fan • Clean frames, artwork, mirrors and windows • Vacuum or dry mop the floors
Take a look at your living room lighting. A small investment in a table or floor lamp or two, will make a huge difference to your room. Installing a dimmer wall switch for overhead or directional lighting is a fairly simple and cheap DIY. Finally, really consider the quality of the light – is it too cool or warm for you? What about the brightness? There is often no need for super high watt bulbs in the living room.
For this part of the Cure, I’ve just bought some energy efficient bright white/natural lighting bulbs from Walmart that really brightened the place up.

Great Value 60W Equivalent (14W) Spiral DFL Lightbulb, 4-Pack $4.88

I can’t stand those tungsten lights that give off a yellow-ish glow. Plus, they can ruin pretty pictures. 75% of you probably have them in your house and don’t know it.

We also have a leg up on today’s challenge since we got rid of our outbox a while back. If you still have yours, we recommend waiting until Sunday evening or Monday to get rid of it. That way, you have the entire weekend to put some more items inside.

Assignment 18: Catch up on whatever bits and pieces of your assignments still need a little more attention

Take some time today to tie up the loose ends on any of your January Cure assignments OR your goal project. If you are feeling good about the status of your projects, you’ve earned a bit of a breather – relax and enjoy!And, if you’ve finished it, take an “after” photo of your completed goal project and send it to us, along with one of your “before” photos if you took one back on Day 5).

If you are a brave soul, send us your before and after pictures and we will post them in a separate “January Cure Praise” post.


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