You’ve Got Mail!

During the Apartment Therapy January Cure, I realized that something had to be done with our empty, drab entryway. When you walk into the apartment, there is nothing to the immediate right except space and a wall. This was the perfect location for some decor and a few items to make our life easier.

I was envisioning something like these, just not at these prices:

Picture via Pottery Barn $599


Picture via Pottery Barn $599


Picture via Hayneedle $349.99

During the Cure, I bought a mail slot and key holder from Target. It’s super cute! Due to the rules of the building, we try not to put too many unnecessary holes in the walls, so this is mounted with large Command Strips picture holders (about 4-6). I also already had a mirror and I found an adorable little bench on Craigslist. Did I mention it was F-R-E-E! Nothing like getting something for nothing! You can read more about that awesome score here:Wooden Bench

With this small and relatively inexpensive transformation, we now have a place for our mail, keys, winter items, work bags and shoes. It’s a great little catch-all area that stays clutter free. See our new Entryway!
What does your entryway look like? Do you have a designated place to put your keys and other knick knacks?

Tell us what you think!

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