Getting Ready for a Big Idea

I went shopping! Lately I’ve been yearning for a bright office/work space for the house but it just didn’t seem like I had a spot to do all my projects. I was using the dining room table and boy, was that a hassle. So, I set out to create a work space. I did an inventory of what we already had in the house and then made a trip to Walmart and Target.

 Here’s a breakdown of everything I got:

 Edge Control Painter’s Tape – $5.63
Exacto Knife – $2.97
Krylon Metallic Gold Spray Paint – $ 3.27
Small Area Rug – $9.99
Small garbage can – $4.49
Brown Accent rug- $7.88
Storage Baskets – 2 small- $2.99 each and 2 large – $5.99 each

 I then scoured the internet for a small corner desk. Harvey suggested something not so big so it wouldn’t be difficult to move later on. I stumbled upon this gem at for under $100.00.

Love that it’s white! (well an off-white) Definitely plays into my “brighter the better” theme for my area. When it came I actually put it together myself (sorry none of Harvey’s great instructions). It was a great sense of accomplishment… it only took me an hour and a half. =o|

 I will reveal what I’ve done with these items soon enough. Stay tuned…


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