Masterpiece Theater

So, Freda had this idea that we would go Saturday without watching TV or using any electronic devices. Right…. all day. We’ve done the unplugged thing after work but that was only a few hours. Not an entire day.  “We’ll do outdoor activities, talk, paint, and some other stuff”, she said. At first I was hesitant but as we started it wasn’t so bad after all. It hadn’t snowed for a while and was a tolerable temperature so we ended up going for a walk around the neighborhood and had a speed walk relay race (so we didn’t slip). When we got home we played scrabble, laughed and talked, and you guessed it…painted.

BEHOLD…My masterpiece!



I combined a few colors together and voila’. I call this piece….”Feelings” Ha! I enjoyed our electronic-less day and after the first hour didn’t really notice or miss it. We’ve decided to make this a regular occurrence and we’ll see what happens.

 When do you unplug? If you don’t, have you ever thought about taking some time for yourself without electronic distractions? Why or why not?



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