The Midas Touch

I stumbled upon this really cute tutorial from Chelsea at Two Twenty One. This was just what my “Brighter the Better” idea needed. This was also the beginning of my gold obsession, so you can blame her. lol

The gold is a glam pop of color and adds a bit of class. Following her instructions found here, this is what I did below:1) Find some empty glass vases. I’ve had these laying around the house and at work for a while so I wouldn’t miss them. Make sure you thoroughly clean them with rubbing alcohol.
vases22) Using Edge Control Painters Tape, create a design on your vases. I wasn’t very good at this…you’ll see what I mean later.
Vases43) In Chelsea’s tutorial, she put some scrap material on the inside of her vases to protect it from the spray paint. I did this for one vase…then I lost patience. lol Plus, I wanted the very edge of the vase painted. Yes, that’s my justification for being lazy. 😉


4) Spray a light coat or two and let dry. I used Krylon Color Master Gold Metallic (my favorite gold spray paint now)

So, full disclaimer here: this was the very first time I’ve spray painted glass. There are a few things I would change about my process and I will go into that below.

5) BOOM! Wonderful golden vases. They look expensive right?? I love these! Don’t mind the small thing on the straw, we’ll talk about that in another post lol

**Lessons learned:

1) I have to learn to put on painters tape smoother. The way I did it led to a little bleeding of paint. You can kind of see it in the middle vase at the top. I’m not sure if it was the way I put on the tape or if I let the paint dry too long. Either way, I’ve got to get better.

2) OMG if you are using Krylon Spray paint, DON’T use it near or on styrofoam. lol This may be a “DUH” moment for most of you but I was totally oblivious. It was just a scrap piece of material from a package and was big enough to fit all three vases. Well, the Krylon ATE THROUGH the styrofoam and caused my vases to sink and fall over mid painting. Can you say panic attack?! lol The more you know…

3) I probably should have put a clear gloss coat on the vases. I didn’t have any then and didn’t think to buy some. Now, the vases are kind of smudged with finger prints. :-/ Oh well.

Do you plan on adding pops of gold in your life?


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