Organization Workshop

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to attend an organization workshop on campus. It was a nice break away from the office but was also useful.

Dr. Donna Cameron is the self-proclaimed, Clutter Doc at She stated that Organization is the #1 key to having more focus and being more productive”. We went around the room and described what our office desks currently looked liked and what type of “worker” we were. Some people like to pile up their paperwork and go through it one by one. Others separate work in folder or drawers.

I am definitely a pile-er! I put all like documents or tasks in different piles and work through them. I’m sure it’s a psychological thing as well, so I can see my progress as I work. I am also an “out of sight, out of mind” person…paper can’t sit in my desk hidden away or it won’t get done. She recommended that we try a different way of organizing for 1 week to see if that would improve our work or productivity. I thought that was an interesting idea. You never know if something else works until you try it, right?

Dr. Cameron also told us about “Zig Zag Organization”. You may not know the term, but I can guarantee you’ve done it before. Zig Zag is when you start to clean the kitchen and then as you are putting something away in another room or taking out the trash, you get distracted. Then, you will start to clean that new room without finishing the kitchen and forgetting all about it. This is counter productive. You may never completely finish one room and therefore make cleaning longer and harder on your self. Remember to stay focused!

A good idea may be to start from scratch. Don’t go back to those unfinished/unproductive projects. Come up with a new/different plan on action. If you’d like to tackle a large task, only focus on that and give yourself 3 months to complete it. Then after that’s finished, complete another 3 month cycle. You can do smaller tasks in the interim but don’t get overwhelmed.

“Remember, some type of organization is the key to productivity. Find what works for you.” We only had 1 hour for the workshop but it was very informative and useful. As a result of Dr. Cameron’s class, I’m slowly but surely tackling my e-mail inbox (at work…my personal non-business is a lost cause) and scanning older paper documents into a shared folder for easy access. If I remain consistent, I can get this done very soon!

What about you? Are you organized or wish you were more so? Let us know!


*This is not a sponsored post. The workshop was free through my employer and I enjoyed the content so I decided to share.* – A


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