Wedding DIY Series: Save the Dates

Since we’re getting married pretty soon and we’ve decided to do some of the little decor details ourselves, I want to do a Wedding Series for you. We will try our HARDEST to do this before the wedding. Might be a bit unrealistic but we will try. If we don’t, we’ll come back and update you. Sound good? Hope you enjoy! 

One of the first parts of wedding planning is sending out a Save-the-Date announcement. Harvey and I knew we wanted something that reflected our personalities and would be long lasting. If we were going to spend money on it, we didn’t want people to see it and then throw it in the trash. With that in mind, we decided on magnets. It was practical and would be a constant reminder on people’s refrigerators. Win-Win! I had used in the past for other projects so that’s where I went first. There might have been some other cheaper options on the web but I didn’t even do a comparison. I had also received a coupon in my email for them, so I didn’t mind.

**A little inside information on our engagement pictures** Those were free. 😎 Harvey bought me a fantastic SLR camera months ago and we asked a friend to take the pictures. We didn’t want anything fancy or too complicated so we went over to the Georgetown Waterfront and snapped away. It was a beautiful fall day and nature gave us the perfect background. We really are simple people. 

When it came time to design the magnets, we used our favorite pictures from the shoot. The pictures were very high quality and it turned out great! I bought 200 magnets (in retrospect, we really didn’t need that many – 100 would’ve been fine.) The original price for 200 would have been $145.00 but with the coupon, we only paid $83.99 + 7.99 shipping = $91.98. I was totally okay with that price!

When they arrived, we were VERY pleased! The magnet had a good thickness, quality, and weight. The pictures also looked fantastic with the gloss coating. We sent those bad boys out in March and within days people were calling and telling us they loved them. In my mind, this was a cost effective method because they really won’t go to waste as quickly as a paper announcement would. Plus, you can’t really lose something adhered to your fridge.

save the date

What are your plans for a Save the Date? Have I convinced you to use magnets? 😇


Tell us what you think!

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