Wedding DIY Series: Table Numbers

When I envisioned the tablescape for our wedding, I definitely wanted to incorporate our theme of gold and ivory. Our wedding planner, Ebony, at My Sparkling Event suggested these GORGEOUS table numbers from Ten23 Designs. I fell in L-O-V-E immediately. She even set it up that I could do a bride-share with another bride that was getting married the week after us. I was 100% on board…until I told Harvey. He asked me one question that brought me back to reality: “Is it in budget?” Le Sigh…. after being disappointed but understanding, I realized that it wasn’t.

The numbers weren’t very expensive but every little bit of money helps when planning a wedding. With determination in mind, I jumped on Google and searched for DIY table numbers. I immediately fell in love with this number 6 from Confetti Day Dreams Top 20 List and decided to get to work. I went to Michael’s first and their numbers were a little more than I wanted to spend. I was searching for wooden numbers in the $1-2 range. A bit unrealistic? Maybe. In the meantime, I also bought some Martha Stewart Fine Glitter* and 2 cans of Krylon Glitter Blast in Golden Glow *. Then one day while doing some shopping in Walmart, I stumbled upon these beauties. They were a pretty font as well and I was sold!
Note: My Walmart only had the 5 inch version for $1.48. The 9.5 inch version is available online.

MDF Classic Font Wood Letters, Numbers & Symbols - 5 - Click to enlarge

When I got home, I immediately got to work and tried to cover a number 3 with Modge Podge and the MS Glitter. Ummm…that didn’t work out so well. It also didn’t have the polished look I was hoping for. The next day, I decided to try the Krylon and it worked! I finished painting the first batch in about an hour. I had to go back to Walmart another time because they didn’t have enough ones, sevens, or twos. In between, the Walmart trips, I went back to Michael’s. Yes, I hate multiple trips so it was no picnic. Not to mention they are on opposite sides of town. While in Michael’s I found the mirrors I was looking for; unfortunately, I didn’t want to pay $5 for them. I bought 1 octagon and 1 square just so I could see what they looked like completed and if it was worth the money. That same day, I happened to stop at a Dollar Store on my way home and found a case of 12 small octagon mirrors! Man…God was really looking out for my wallet that day. Everything was finally coming together!

I wanted the table setting to look something like these with my added table number bling:


Painting Step by Step: (This WILL be MESSY! I used some latex gloves from my first aid kit)

1) Set up your work space (preferably outside or in a very well ventilated area)
2) Spray paint the back of the numbers first! I did the front first on some and regretted it later when they dried sticky and flawed. (I didn’t sand or prime the numbers)
3) You can spray the edges and insides of the numbers at this stage as well
4) After you apply the glitter paint to the back and sides,  spray a clear gloss coat. I used the Krylon Color Master Acrylic Crystal Clear Gloss
4) When you’ve given the first side a chance to dry COMPLETELY, flip them over and repeat for the front

IMG_1137  IMG_1145

Mounting Step by Step:

1) After your numbers have completely dried, you are ready to mount them
2) Make sure to use alcohol or glass cleaner to get any dust off the mirrors first
3) I mounted these using super glue but you can also use a hot glue gun
4) Press the numbers down until the glue is dried (you might be sitting for a while)
5) All DONE! Stand up, stretch your legs, and admire your handy work.

Numbers (5 inch version)- $1.48 each
Mirror – $1.00 each
Paint – $4.79 with coupon x 2 = 9.58 *I only ended up using 1 1/2 cans*
Glue – already had
Krylon Gloss – already had

Total Cost per number= Single number- $2.95; Double number (ie: 10, 11, 12) – $4.43

You really can’t beat that price!!

P.S. Against the burgundy linen at the wedding, they were gorgeous! When I get the photos back from the photographer, I will update this page.

Update as promised:    (Pictures: By Asa Photography)

Alfreda & Harvey 4x6-1126
Alfreda & Harvey 4x6-1212


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