Sparkly Office Supplies

O-M-Goodness!! Yes, I am super excited over office supplies. I saw this post by Ursula from Home by Carmona and thought this was the most simple yet fabulous idea! It gives your home office or desk just a bit of glamour. Then because I’m sometimes oblivious to decor trends, I was in Target and saw the Nate Berkus office supplies. These are AWESOME but I’ve never been one to pay $16-17 for a stapler or pair of scissors. I know..I know…it shouldn’t be a splurge but if I pay for these beautiful office supplies, NOBODY would use them BUT ME. lol Since that’s not the case, I will opt for the DIY version.
I already had the stapler but needed a new pair of scissors anyway 😉 and a 3 hole puncher. I bought both from the Dollar General for a total of $4. ($1 – scissors; $3 – hole puncher). I also already had my favorite gold spray.

I also wanted to paint the staple holder, paper clips, and single hole puncher…just because I was bored. lol

Let’s start, shall we?

Hey all, Harvey here. Instructions below:

1) Prep the large objects by wiping off with rubbing alcohol
2) For scissors and single hole punch spray paint backs first. 3 hole punch and staple holder, spray paint bottom first
3) Paper clips?? I’m pretty sure she just threw them on the mat and started spraying lol
4) Wait until all sprayed sides dry completely, then cover with gloss coating
5) After gloss dries, flip and hit the other sides. Cover that with gloss too
6) For the stapler, use painters tape for the bottom and then just spray the top and cover with gloss
7) You’re on your own for flipping over thousands of paper clips :-/
8) Wait for everything to dry completely before arranging
9) BOOM! DIY Goodness (she told me to say that lol)


IMG_1221I LOVE the way they turned out. It gives my little office nook some *oomph* Now, to organize my space better lol



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