A Dialogue About Ferguson

:Sigh: Where do I begin? To be honest, I’m feeling hurt, angry, scared…and so many other emotions right now. Where do I begin?? 

When the shooting of Michael Brown happened, I was shocked and outraged like most. It’s a very surreal and heartbreaking story. And yet….it’s not an uncommon situation in our (the Black) community. If you don’t know the story by now, please become familiar. Then, become familiar with the other 2 stories that happened around the same time. Within the span of a week 3 young black men were murdered by law enforcement: John Crawford, Michael Brown, and Ezell Ford…there are so many others though that it’s exhausting to think about.

I knew the announcement of whether or not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael, was going to happen last night. In my heart and mind, I already knew the answer would be “no”.  Too often, precedence has taught us that a majority of cases like this produce no justice for the victim. I fell asleep before the official announcement but when I woke up around 3:00am, I checked my phone and heard the news. I was right. So many people, friends and strangers, were outraged. I immediately felt scared. Why? Because I am married to a Black man. I will have children and they will be Black. What do I have to face in the future knowing that such a thing can happen when they walk out the door? If my husband or my children leave the house, should I be fearful to never see them again? I can’t even imagine. For those of you who might say, “Anything can happen to anyone! Like a car crash, robbery, or hit and run”, I say to you, “You are correct”. However, those are situations that may not be avoided. For harm to fall upon us simply because we are black is a travesty. My husband is seen as a threat not because of something he might say or do, but because of the way he looks and the fear people might feel for what he “might be capable of”.

Last night, as all these thoughts ran through my mind, I panicked a little thinking about if I lost my husband, brother, father in a situation like this. But then I stopped…and I prayed. I prayed for a blanket of protection around my husband whenever he leaves the house. I prayed for my family, my friends, strangers, the black youth, and especially Michael Brown’s parents in this terrible time.

How do you help you might ask? You as one person can start to make a difference in your neighborhood by uplifting and mentoring others. If you don’t understand the frustration and anger, instead of arguing back and forth, I urge people to start a dialogue. Speak to be heard and listen to understand.

To be completely honest with you guys…..I wasn’t going to say anything. Too hesitant to start a political or racial conversation on what is normally a lifestyle/diy blog. But you know what? If I stay silent, I am only part of the problem. So, I encourage you that if you want to express yourself…do so! If you have a comment or question or would just like to listen…do it! Things only get better when we start positively interacting and understanding one another.

-From A with love


3 thoughts on “A Dialogue About Ferguson

      • peady says:

        You are welcome.

        It’s okay to be hesitant. Sometimes that slight hesitation, before you hit publish, is the thing that lets you know you are saying something important that might touch people in an important way. I think that is what you did.

        I am glad I stopped by, too! I’ll be back. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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