March Madness Pinterest Challenge #4 – Breakfast Smoothie

Good Morning! Aren’t you glad it’s finally Saturday?? Even though I work from home, I look forward to relaxing and doing my own thing. Most weekends, me and the hubby go for a traditional weekend breakfast. You know…eggs, sausage, pancakes, orange juice, etc. But today, I didn’t feel like eating that heavy so I went to Pinterest to search my boards.  

I found this super easy smoothie and luckily we had all the ingredients!

Strawberry, Banana and Spinach Smoothie

pinterest pic2

Technically, this was an article about what different elements you should put in your smoothies, so there was no recipe. I just went with the picture =)

Ingredients: 1 large banana, 5 large strawberries (wait until you see how big those suckers were), 1 cup of spinach, a little vanilla almond milk to taste (optional), water and ice

These strawberries are from FL (yay!) My hands are average size, so you know this is huge!




So mine didn’t turn out green like the picture. I probably didn’t add as much spinach as they did. The smoothie was so good though. It kind of tasted like strawberry banana yogurt. Plus it was refreshing and light…just what I needed this morning. Next time, if I want something more filling, I’ll add some raw oatmeal powder.

Oh, I promise all these projects won’t be about food lol If you’ve joined the challenge, let me know in the comments!


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