March Madness Pinterest Challenge #5 – DIY Curtains

I promised that all these Pinterest challenges wouldn’t be about food…so I will keep that promise (even though it’s sooo hard lol). Here’s a DIY that will help anyone while renting their apartment or home. It’s an easy way to add a little character to your space while maintaining the rules of your lease.

Pinterest Project #5
Do-It-Yourself Alternatives to Traditional Store Bought Curtain Rods
 found on


I wanted to add curtains to the rooms (bedroom, living room, and den) in our new place because I feel it completes the room and brings everything together. I used  this option because 1) drilling holes in the wall is a pain and 2) I don’t want to have to fill them in when we move out.

Command Strip Curtain Rod

I’m glad someone thought of this because it was super easy and a quick afternoon project.

Hook    IMG_1926

It just so happened that the large nickel command strip matched the curtain rod I bought for the living room.


For a little glam in my office, I spray painted, the regular white hooks and black curtain rod, gold.





It’s not perfect since the hooks scrape off the spray paint some. But nobody should be looking that hard when they come to the house anyway 🙂 lol

I plan on doing the one in the bedroom as well but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Cost Breakdown:
Medium Black Curtain Rods – $6.99 x2 = $13.98
Large Silver Curtain Rod= $8.99
Cream Curtain= $9.99
Tan Sheer Curtain= $6.99
Spray Paint= $0 already had
White Command Hooks= Box for $6.30
Silver Command Hooks= $5.98 x 2 = $11.96

The thing I like most about this project is that I can use these materials over again after replacing the strips on the back of the hooks. Win-win and no holes in the wall. Have you done a home decor DIY? Let us know if you have or are planning to!

See you next time!


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