Let’s Try this One Mo’ ‘Gin

Yep, so even though I love those of you who read my blog (the handful of you lol), I’m not going to apologize for not being here. I know, I know it’s been a while but you know…life.

As a really quick update, life in NC is great! I love the weather, environment, and people. Everyone is so nice here that it’s taken a while to get used to again. I lived in DC for 5 years so the southern hospitality that I once had faded a little. However, it’s good to be back with genuinely nice people who when you ask ‘How are you doing?’ actually tell you the truth instead of a one-word answer.

During my hiatus, I’ve been exercising and changing my eating habits. It’s amazing how different you feel once you start adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. My new lifestyle has been going well even with a few slip ups. The biggest change I’ve noticed? I can tell when people use a liberal amount of salt or sugar when cooking. I’ve completely cut salt out of cooking (seriously) and have minimized the sugar. Last month, the hubby and I went out to eat and everything was way too salty. It totally ruined the meal. BUT I suppose that’s a good thing, right?

The other big thing I’ve been working on is my new ETSY shop. Whoo Hoooo! I always had difficulty finding a splash/stock image to promote my posts on social media. So, I decided instead of complaining about it, I can change my results. Before I started, I definitely wanted to take the easy way out and find some images. Unfortunately, I ran across a few that were around $50-75 an image. Sheesh! With no luck, I started creating headers, banners, and desktop stock images for myself. Then, I realized that other people could also use a resource like this and it should be affordable. Because face it….I’m no world renowned blogger that gets paid to sit here and write. lol With that said, I would love your support! Tell all your friends about the new blogger stock image resource!  DESIGN CHIC STOCK by AJ

Other than those 2 new things in my life, things are pretty much the same. I owe you guys a few posts like my office reveal and a few DIYs which I’m super eager to share.  🙂

What’s 1 new thing that’s going on with you? Let me know! Stay tuned and hope to see you stop by the ETSY shop soon!



7 thoughts on “Let’s Try this One Mo’ ‘Gin

  1. hannacornish says:

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog hun! Glad you’re feeling refreshed after having a break. I need to switch up my diet too, I eat way too much junk and snack too often, time to change! Your Etsy store is super cute. It’s given me some inspiration to switch up my blog! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

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