Time’s Up!

Whenever I think about time, I automatically think how I never have enough and “Clocks” by Coldplay. Isn’t that the everlasting problem in most of our lives? As soon as you wake up in the morning, you set out to be great, and time won’t let you.  I’m guilty as well but you know what the problem is? It’s you!

One of my yearly resolutions is to be more organized. I am to an extent but I feel like I have so much more potential in what I can accomplish in a day. So, I immediately go to the store, buy some pretty planners and notebooks and vow to structure every day like a boss. Two weeks later…..


BlogPost4   BLANK! lol

There are two big things that are blocking me and you from achieving daily greatness.

1. Overwhelm – Are you trying to do more than you can handle each day? Having a plethora of tasks on your list, may prohibit you from completing any of them. I know, I know…you’re a multitasker so you’re fine! Actually, “multitasking” doesn’t really exist.

According to a recent study at Stanford University, “multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time”. Your brain can only effectively focus on a singular task and “multitasking” reduces your ability to perform, react, and organize from task to task.  Don’t believe me? Think about all the times you’ve been texting in the middle of a conversation. Did you really hear everything the other person was saying? This is the same with completing tasks in your life. Less is more and will be more rewarding. But how do we cut down on doing stuff? Organization.

2. Organization
– Plan your day according to time, task, and importance. This step solely depends on how you function. Before I figured out how to get my life together 😉 this was my idea of organization at work…


Yikes, looking at it now makes me cringe! Yes, I felt relief when I finished a task but do you see how many items are on that list?? It’s almost panic-inducing that I might not have gotten everything done. That was my first mistake. Do you have a never ending list of “Things To Do”? If so, get rid of it now! Well, not literally but you need to break down your list.

Plan your day by time and then put the most important tasks first (or whenever you function best).  You should also have no more than 4-5 (huge/really important) tasks on your list a day. Everything else will come naturally or secondary.

When you successfully implement these hacks in your life, you’ll feel more accomplished. You will have a visual reminder whether you write it down or put it in your phone. You will also get that sense of accomplishment for the day – that big exhale of satisfaction and relaxation that’ll help you conquer tomorrow.

I’ve been working towards making my life more organized and I happened to stumble upon Mattieologie’s Daily System that gave me the exact cherry on top I was looking for. I’ve incorporated her time block system with my 4-5 item max and it’s been doing wonders. My life and my planner are neater and more coherent now. lol  I’ve also created a cute and simple weekly organizer just for you that you can download here (yay for freebies)!

What about you? Are you good with managing time and organization? If so, share how! If not, let us know how you plan to improve.

Here’s to having the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce lol 😉



3 thoughts on “Time’s Up!

  1. roopashreesharma01 says:

    That was a lovely post. I am also a very much distracted person at core. I will make huge lists and will be good enough at striking off them my list for a day or two..lol .. and then again Blank … And I love those planners.. I have so many of them and they all come and go as the years passes.. Haha.. But you have given a wonderful piece of information here.. Will try better!

    Liked by 1 person

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