Garage Makeover

I’ve always heard stories about homeowners who have “big, scary garages” and it’s usually a place where extra toys, papers from college, and failed diy projects end up to die. When we bought this house, I was determined not to let our garage turn into the graveyard of stuff. Enter good ol’ reliable Pinterest! 

Wait! Are you following me on Pinterest yet?? Why not? I’ve got tons of boards and pins galore. Hop over there after you’re done reading 😉 I have a garage board of all the things I wish Mr. J would build. Like these beauties from The Creativity Exchange and Just A Girl:

DIY Garage Pegboard Storage Wall Using Only 5.5 Inches in Depth. {The Creativity Exchange}

Just A Girl Blog

Alas, we have a small 1 car garage with limited space so I would have to make magic happen to maximize our storage. I decided to go with the pegboard idea because it just made more sense to store item vertically…plus, it’s cute. Here’s the only picture I have of the garage before the project. This was right before the house was finished. See, not at lot of space to work with but it’ll be all right.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Narrow 1 inch wood – cut to size
1 inch screws
Peg Set
1 or 2 inch finishing nails
Pegboard cut to size – I bought the largest white size because of the length I needed. It also comes in the kraft brown color in smaller sizes. I have some left over too.
{I always shop at Home Depot but you can find items at other home improvement stores}

This small recessed space by the door was a perfect place for the pegboard to go. I’m using the wood as a backing so when I insert the pegs, there is space behind the board. I used the finishing nails to secure the wood on the studs. If you have a brad nailer, that’ll work too! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to add wood on the right hand side because my stud finder picked up traces of metal. Not to worry, I came up with a solution later!


For the bottom brace, I ran into a bit of a problem. The wood wasn’t flush with the wall. I don’t know if it was the wood that was a bit warped or the drywall wasn’t straight but it left a small gap. To solve that problem, I put some wood glue on the back of the wood and then hammered in my nails. I also put a little caulking in the extra space to ensure a good hold. If your walls/wood are flush then you can skip this step!

Here’s another problem I ran into…of my own making 😛 This was my first time ever doing a project like this, so when I asked the nice guy at Home Depot to cut the wood, I didn’t take into account to subtract the inches from the two pieces I would have at the top and bottom. Don’t make that mistake! lol This wouldn’t have been a problem if there wasn’t metal on the right side. But now since it had to go in the middle, it was too long. Alas, I wasn’t thinking ahead. Here’s how I fixed it:

BOOM! All done! lol I know this isn’t ideal but it worked for me and it’s still just as strong. I’ll show you where I screwed it into the diagonal piece:

I used the screws in the corners and middle to secure the pegboard to the wood. To put everything up I used the peg set pictured below. The pegs and the braces that come with it are really strong. The “shelf” I used was just a scrap piece of wood that I sat on top of two pegs. Pretty genius if I do say so myself lol. The brown shelf was also hammered together from scrap pieces of wood. They were all the same size so I figured, why not!



Before pile of junk and the glorious After


I love this little nook of all my painting tools and knickknacks! Mr. J says it looks like a store but I don’t care. lol Everything is easily accessible and visible. Stay tuned for the next project!

DIY Garage Makeover - Use pegboard from Home Depot to organize your garage!

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