DIY Monogram Front Door Initial Wreath - Add some diy decor creativity for the front of your home as one of the first things visitors will see! Great for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

DIY Monogram Front Door Initial

As you know, I love all things home decor! Now that we have a house, I’m a firm believer in adding little touches to make your space seem more like home.  When you add personal touches,  it makes it more permanent and inviting. A simple addition you can add right now is a DIY monogrammed door initial. I’ve created 5 of them to fit your mood all year ’round!

I first got this idea around Christmas. I wanted simple decorations that wouldn’t be a hassle to take down once the new year came. I’d already wanted a front door initial for our last name “J”. I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. They had some great options but I wanted an initial that was bigger than what they provided. Naturally, when I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for I always think, “I can just do it myself!” 😜

Materials You’ll Need:
White Poster Board
Exacto Knife {I used these*}
Hot Glue Gun and Glue*
String or Ribbon
Decoration of your choice

My first stop was to the Dollar Tree. They have great quality white poster board that worked perfectly. I was actually able to get two Js on there at once. I traced out the letter free hand with the help of a ruler and then cut it out with an exacto knife.  {Yes, I always do DIY projects sitting on the floor. It’s kinda my thing lol}

I also cleaned out my DT for their Christmas garland to use as a “grass” backdrop for my initial. I ended up using about 2-2 1/2 wraps on each letter. Yours may vary based on the letter you use.
Tip: You don’t have to wrap the back 100% because no one will see it.

Once I finished wrapping the letter,  I made sure it was full in all the right spots. You can go through and hot glue any additional garland where you need it. I also went and got holiday garland from Michael’s when they were running a 50% off sale. I took some of the flowers and berries off and hot glued them to my garland.

Once it was done drying, I stapled and hot glued string to the top of the letter so it can hang. I placed a command hook on the inside of my front door and have the string going over top of the door. You can also put the command hook on the outside of the door and hang it that way. I just wanted a cleaner look. Plus, having the door close on the string secures it better especially on those windy days.

I created a burlap J to fill in on months where there are no big holidays or when the season runs too long. It’s actually on the front door now for Jan 1st to the first day of Spring. To create this look you’ll need rolls of burlap and some string.

First, thread the string through the burlap like a needle. You’re going to go back and forth for however long you’ll want your piece of burlap. Keep in mind that you’ll be bunching it at the end, so don’t cut the burlap until you’ve gotten to your desired size. Once you’ve got the length, tie the string into a knot at the cut end.

Then bunch! Once you’re satisfied, cut it and keep the second end untied.

You’ll use the loose end of the thread through the poster board to tie both ends together when you’re done. {Like I said, the back doesn’t have to be pretty because no one will see it. 😉 }

Once you’ve made one of these, you’ll have so many more ideas for other holidays and events!

There’s nothing like a little personalization to spruce up your decor. Happy creating!

DIY Monogram Front Door Initial Wreath - Add some diy decor creativity for the front of your home as one of the first things visitors will see! Great for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!
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3 thoughts on “DIY Monogram Front Door Initial

  1. Kelsie Oreta says:

    This is SO cute! I love how you have different ones depending on the time of year!

    Too bad my last name starts with “O”…it’ll just look like a regular wreath! 😦 Yours is so awesome.


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