DIY Marbled Office Desk

Isn’t it a blogger requirement that you have at least 1 marble item in your prop stash? I mean how else would we be able to create super cute flatlays? I also needed a small portable desk for my new office so I could set up my laptop and be able to take pictures and write awesome blog posts like these. Enter a solution to both problems: a marble covered desk!

I really like cute desks from Ikea that you see on Pinterest that are chic and stylish. What I don’t like about them is the price and having to put it together. I wanted a desk/writing space that could be easily moved around and discarded when the time came.  I had this genius idea to use a regular folding table! It was only $30 at my local Walmart ,light-weight and portable enough to meet all my requirements.

I also purchased this marble contact paper* from Amazon but you can cover your table in whatever pattern you’d like! My width was too narrow so I used two strips on each table fold and tucked it into the middle.

I also used Rub N Buff* to paint the black legs gold. This little stuff goes a long way and is awesome! I still have a lot left in this little jar.  You can either use your finger or a spare rag but basically you just paint it on and rub it in until it shines.

One hour later and I’ve got my cute cliche and functional desk!

DIY Marbled Office Desk - Every blogger needs one of these! In less than 1 hour you can have instagram worthy #deskgoals!

What do you have that’s covered with marble? I know you’ve got some! 😉

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6 thoughts on “DIY Marbled Office Desk

  1. LUZ ARCE says:

    How has it held up over time? Do you feel it sturdy enough for more than just a laptop? Like maybe adding some desktop storage


    • H & A Johnson says:

      It’s held up great! I actually still have the desk and we’ve since moved. Yes, desktop storage will be fine. I now have 2 laptops (mine and hubby’s), desktop storage/monitor holder, small table lamp, and a separate monitor. There’s still enough space for both of us to work at the same time with all these items.


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