March Madness Pinterest Challenge #5 – DIY Curtains

I promised that all these Pinterest challenges wouldn’t be about food…so I will keep that promise (even though it’s sooo hard lol). Here’s a DIY that will help anyone while renting their apartment or home. It’s an easy way to add a little character to your space while maintaining the rules of your lease. Continue reading


March Madness Pinterest Challenge #1 – DIY Message Board

*This is not a sponsored post in any way. I just genuinely love it!*

Can you believe it’s March already?! How insane is that…time flies by so fast it’s hard to comprehend sometimes. Well, in honor of all things #MarchMadness, we’ve decided to join the festivities. Hubby and I love basketball and we moved to North Carolina at the perfect time. The rivalry between some universities is INTENSE down here. We’re thinking of reliving our college days and catching a game or two. Make sure you follow us on instagram just in case. Anywho…enough rambling…let our March Madness BEGIN! Continue reading

Sparkly Office Supplies

O-M-Goodness!! Yes, I am super excited over office supplies. I saw this post by Ursula from Home by Carmona and thought this was the most simple yet fabulous idea! It gives your home office or desk just a bit of glamour. Then because I’m sometimes oblivious to decor trends, I was in Target and saw the Nate Berkus office supplies. These are AWESOME but I’ve never been one to pay $16-17 for a stapler or pair of scissors. I know..I know…it shouldn’t be a splurge but if I pay for these beautiful office supplies, NOBODY would use them BUT ME. lol Since that’s not the case, I will opt for the DIY version. Continue reading