Garage Makeover

I’ve always heard stories about homeowners who have “big, scary garages” and it’s usually a place where extra toys, papers from college, and failed diy projects end up to die. When we bought this house, I was determined not to let our garage turn into the graveyard of stuff. Enter good ol’ reliable Pinterest!  Continue reading


March Madness Pinterest Challenge #5 – DIY Curtains

I promised that all these Pinterest challenges wouldn’t be about food…so I will keep that promise (even though it’s sooo hard lol). Here’s a DIY that will help anyone while renting their apartment or home. It’s an easy way to add a little character to your space while maintaining the rules of your lease. Continue reading

March Madness Pinterest Challenge #4 – Breakfast Smoothie

Good Morning! Aren’t you glad it’s finally Saturday?? Even though I work from home, I look forward to relaxing and doing my own thing. Most weekends, me and the hubby go for a traditional weekend breakfast. You know…eggs, sausage, pancakes, orange juice, etc. But today, I didn’t feel like eating that heavy so I went to Pinterest to search my boards.   Continue reading