Series: AT’s January Cure: Assignment 22 – The Finale!

It’s OVERRRRRRR!!!! *doing happy dance* Oh my goodness!! Doesn’t this feel GREAT!!! Continue reading


Series: AT’s January Cure: Assignments 19-21

Do you see it? Can you feel it?? It’s the light at the end of the tunnel!! We’re practically done!! Yay! *vigorous hand clapping and shouting here*

Can you believe January is over?! I mean sheesh… it JUST turned 2014. But that’s all right because we’ve made this first month highly productive and successful. If you’ve fallen off the Cure, don’t fret…you can start over in February. Or, if your project was a big one that will take longer than 1 month, go ahead and finish when you can. We’re not knocking anyone’s hustle over here because there’ve been a few days we got frustrated  overwhelmed. Hang in there, it’s almost over. Continue reading

Series: AT’s January Cure: Assignments 15-18

We’re on the backside of the Cure folks! By now you should be seeing some significant changes in the design, style, and organization of your home. Not too shabby, right? Well, we still have a ways to go and it can only  get better from here. If you’ve had a mini break down like I did the other day…no worries! You’re allowed lol If you’ve fallen behind or completely off, don’t worry about that either. Just start over or pick up where you left off. For this week, we will be tackling the following:

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