Couch Potato

As a lover of all things home decor, one of the most frustrating things after moving into a house, is realizing that you have all apartment sized furniture. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love  loved our furniture but now that we have so much space, it looks small in comparison. Since we’re decorating/furnishing this house room by room, my dreams of a new living room couch will have to wait. I’m no stranger when it comes to making do with what you’ve got. The little couch you’ll meet today was with us at the beginning of our relationship and even got a little facelift. I actually did this project a while ago but it’s still relevant now as I’m sure it will help someone. Enter our old, sad, slouch of a couch.
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Garage Makeover

I’ve always heard stories about homeowners who have “big, scary garages” and it’s usually a place where extra toys, papers from college, and failed diy projects end up to die. When we bought this house, I was determined not to let our garage turn into the graveyard of stuff. Enter good ol’ reliable Pinterest!  Continue reading